Parenting is hard.

Growing up is hard.

Sometimes we just need some help navigating life’s ups and downs.

True North Counseling is about helping you and your child find their “True North” or their authentic self in a confusing world.

When a child or teen is struggling to find their way in the world, to show their gifts and believe in themselves, they can act out or become anxious or depressed.

Together we can help your child or teen learn the coping skills and resilience to move forward and chart their course.

"Helping families navigate childhood and beyond."

Therapy in a creative and empathetic setting helps children and teens open up. They can take the lessons they learn in-session and use it at home, school and in social settings.

When one person in the family struggles, everyone struggles.

Let’s walk the path together.

You can do this.

We can help.


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